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Teacher Tuesday:

We all know how amazing Google Maps is as a classroom resource, but today we are sharing a resource that doubles the fun. was created by a teacher to help students analyze maps by creating a simple way for users to view two maps at once.  There are so many different maps available such as the CIA World Factbook statistics, Economy (GDP, exports, imports), Forest Change or many different Physical Geography maps.  I think one of the best features is the side by side comparison of two countries or the analysis of two different topics for one area–this is sure to challenge the students to think deeply about regions of the world.  To try it out go to

Helpful Tips:

~~Press Select Map in bottom right to see the different maps that can be applied (Explore Physical & Human Geography buttons)

~~Press Layers in bottom left to see what other options, information or map layers are available for each map (there is some amazing information available under this button). 

~~Press Map Canvas 1 or Map Canvas 2 in top left to synchronize or unsynchronize the maps.

~~There are drawing, labeling and elevation tools to explore. 

~~Be patient–sometimes the maps take a moment to load all of the information. 

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