Recycle Electronics

Replay Wednesday:

With the holidays just past many of us may have given or received new electronic devices.  A good way to recycle your old electronics may involve cash for your pocket.  There are credible online sites that will pay you money for your old electronics–such as old smartphones, iPads, iPods, cameras, tablets, etc.  Some of these devices, depending on their condition, can bring you over a hundred dollars.  If you are curious about how much you could earn from your old electronics check out one of these sites and they will give you an offer/quote, provide a free shipping label, and then pay you once your electronics arrive and are inspected.  Keep in mind they even pay cash for electronics that are cracked and not working well.  Two reliable, credible sites that offer this service and also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau are  and  Enjoy your extra spending money and feel good knowing you helped the environment by recycling.

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