Mute Gmail Conversation

Have you ever wanted to stop receiving emails from a conversation thread that is not pertinent to you?  If so, Gmail has an option to mute that email thread.  With mute you will no longer be notified or see those messages in your inbox until you go looking for them. 

Mute directions: Click on the email and place a checkmark in the lefthand box, go to the menu across the top and choose More, press the down arrow.  From there select Mute.  That conversation thread will now go to your email archives until you unmute it.

Unmute directions:  Find the menu on the left near Compose and your email folders.  Scroll down until you find the More button–press the down arrow.  Locate the All Mail option–select that.  Look through the All Mail and find the conversation you want to see again.  Select that email with a checkmark and then press Unmute (which is located where the Mute button is located).


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