OK Go Sandbox

Teacher Tuesday:

Google is always up to something fun and this one includes STEM/STEAM inquiry activities and the music group OK Go’s amazing videos.  OK Go is known for their quirky music videos that often include one take or something very original.  One of their most recent creations was a backdrop of over 500 color printers that printed different images simultaneously to create a memorable music video.  Google has created the OK Go Sandbox where they have collaborated with the band to get the behind the scene details and have put together educational videos that connect to STEM classrooms.  Even better Google and OK Go have put together a few student challenges in each mini-unit that go along with the music video–some explore gravity, flip books, simple machines, chain reactions, sound, etc.  Videos, student handouts and educator guides are also provided.  To learn more go to https://okgosandbox.org/.   

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