New Gmail Features

To be honest I don’t always love updates, but the new Gmail features seem quite intuitive and will save me time.  If you would like to try the new Gmail (which doesn’t seem to be available on school email/organizational acounts just yet) go to the Gear icon in the top right and choose the top option–Try the new Gmail.  The good thing about trying the new Gmail is you can quickly switch back to the classic style under the gear icon.  

Here are a few new features (some only available on mobile devices):

~~Allows you to take action on your emails from your inbox with one click–Trash, Archive, Mark as Read or Snooze.

~~Snooze an email until later–it will reappear at a later time–this could be a specific time or date you select.

~~Google Calendar, Tasks and Keep are always visible icons off to the right.

~~Quick Reply will detect you need to reply to a question in an email and will suggest 3 possible responses.  Click on one of the sentences if it works for you and your reply is done.

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