Info About Your Computer

How much memory does your computer have? What type of processor does it have? How large is the hard drive? What is the serial number?  These are questions that most of us likely cannot answer off the top of our head and in certain situations it can be important to know where to find these answers. 

Mac users:  The answers to many questions like these are found in your system profiler.  Go to the apple in the top left hand corner and click on About This Mac.  A box will appear on your screen with a short list that answers many of these questions.  Depending on the age of your computer you may need to click on the More Info button for the serial number. 

Most PC users:  Go to My Computer (shortcut is to press Windows button and E).  When My Computer opens on most PCs there will be a tab across the top called System properties or something similar.  Click on this and you will find information that answers most of the questions listed above.  However, the easiest way to find a serial number (especially PC laptops) is to look on the bottom or side of the computer–usually the number that starts with S/N will be your serial number.  If you cannot locate the manufacturer’s sticker go to the Start button and type cmd in the search box and press enter.  A command box will open, click on the box, and type wmic bios get serialnumber and then press enter.  In a moment your serial number will appear on the next line in the command box.   

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